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Our team

The notion that strength lies in numbers holds particularly true for our Queen City Training Team. Comprised of four knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate women, our team collaborates to provide Charlotte with a guided and comprehensive approach to fitness.

Steph, the head trainer at QCT, is an expert in diverse exercise programming, covering areas such as pre and postpartum fitness, injury modification, and large group training. She actively leads the morning bootcamp program, conducts new client consultations, and assists clients in setting and achieving their goals. With her infectious positive energy, Steph empowers her clients to surpass their expectations in the gym. Serving as their biggest cheerleader and advocate, she offers unwavering support and a comforting presence whenever needed. Throughout her two years of contributing to the studio's operations, Steph has left a lasting impact on the Charlotte community.

Erin, with a Master's Degree in Exercise Science, stands out for her proficiency in creative and progressive programming. Her dedication to crafting individualized training plans for each client is unparalleled, and she consistently explores innovative methods to modify and advance exercises. Erin's calm and patient demeanor plays a crucial role in alleviating any gym intimidation that her clients may have experienced when working out independently in the past.

Shannon's personal fitness journey led her to QCT, where she quickly uncovered her passion for helping others. Recognizing the significance of both physical and mental health, she encourages her clients to stay focused and positive. Shannon excels in her expertise, tailoring programs that strike a balance between challenge and achievability, all while maintaining a supportive and encouraging attitude.

Kelley, the owner of the studio, only dreamed about one day having a team as strong as QCT's. She firmly believes that a well-rounded group of trainers is necessary to effectively addressing the diverse health and wellness needs of all individuals.

Strongest Together

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