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Need some one-on-one attention to achieve your fitness goals? Give our personal training option a try. Here's how it work: 

- 2 sessions with a trainer per week

-2 independent work outs per week

- Initial assessment/progress assessment (focused on body fat %)

- Nutrition counseling

Email us today for session rates and to get started asap!

We also offer couples training, and small group training. Message for more details.

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What's better than a good work out? A good work out with your friends of course! Kelley instructs numerous fitness classes for Charlotte Athletic Club, see schedule below:

- M/W/F: HIIT (7-7:45 AM)

Class pass user? Check out the CAC schedule and sign up for one of these classes today!

Strict diet for the past 3 months, heavy lifting + running + abs every day, staying in when all your


Not sure what to do when you get in the gym? Follow one of our 2 customized work outs plans! Shape&Shred focuses on dropping weight and toning up, Limitless Strength is geared toward increasing strength and chiseling away at your body. Both programs are set up to guide your through your entire work out, and also allow you to record your weight, reps, speed, etc. Your trainer will check in with you periodically to see how your program is going, and is always available for assistance. Customized programs can be purchased in our online store for $50 per month.


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